Arranging a Buffet Table for Both Food and Wine

arranging a buffet tableYou’re planning a fun wine party and want to use a buffet setting. You need to work out arranging a buffet table to show off the wines you have chosen for the party. It’s actually easier than you think and we have great ways to help you.

Arranging a Buffet Table for Summer Wine Parties

With a summer party, you most likely plan it for outdoors. This is a perfect excuse to use ice tubs. Pick a nice wide one so you have plenty of room to include white wines and cold foods. When you are arranging a buffet table in warm weather, keeping cold wines and foods cold is important.

There are two options for you here. You can lay a plastic tablecloth, right side up in the bottom of the tray or tub. Add the ice on top, bury the wine bottles about halfway down to chill them. Set your food platters and bowls on top of the ice. Then drape the ends of the tablecloth over the tub or tray and you’re ready to go.

Alternately, you can fill the tub or tray with ice first, then lay your tablecloth over the ice. Make indents into the ice for your wine bottles and food bowls. This will keep the foods and the wine chilled during your party.

Red Wines on a Buffet Table

Remember with red wines, you also want to serve them slightly chilled, about 60-65 degrees. So chill them first and either keep them in wine bottle holders made to keep them at the right temperature or put them in a pitcher that will retain the cool air around them. Then set this combo of bottle and holder on your warm foods buffet.

Arranging a Buffet Table to Match Food and Wine

One of my favorite ways for arranging a buffet table is to match the wines with the foods. At least the traditional ones. Traditionally, red wines go with meats and heavier foods. While white wines go with fish and lighter foods.

Your buffet table then has a color coordination to it. But, that’s not required. It’s just one of those simple ways for arranging a buffet table.

Always serve your white wine chilled in some fashion. Even for weather that’s colder. White wine is meant to be drunk chilled. So that makes it easier to put your white wines with your cold food.

These are simple and easy ways to match your food and your wine choices. Guests can enjoy both and everything is safe for you and your guests.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Excellent ideas for a wine buffet table. I have done it both ways and they both work very well!

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