Beginners Guide to Home Wine Making

If want to try your hand a making your own wine, there is lots of help out there for you. Books abound and we have a review of the one we think is the best right here. But the easiest way to start is with a kit. Making good homemade wine is part science and part art. You do need a little help in both directions, plus some practice, and of course lots of tasting.

A wine-making kit that contains all the equipment, plus some good basic recipes, is the simplest way to get started. The equipment should include a way to press the grapes, ferment the juice and release the gases. That’s just the basics. But there are many additional things that make the whole process easier. Some kits have only the basics, while others have all the extras.

You could put together your own bits of equipment, if you are talented that way. And make up your own recipes, if you are talented in that way, also. But we aren’t so we liked the idea of a good kit to get us started. This was our choice and we weren’t disappointed. Everything and then some was included. You can click on this picture to get the kit or browse more wine making kits.



Now, you probably want to know that our first several batches of wine were not so great. With a little more practice, our wine improved. We certainly weren’t interested in selling our wine. We just really wanted to see if we could make it. How difficult was the process? Was it worth trying? The answers: the process was not simple, but it was worth it.

There is a lot of detail that goes into making wine. Our kit comes with a very good instruction video that walked us through the whole process. The initial recipes offered were good. Since our first batches, we have branched into more complex recipes to get more interesting wines. We do still buy bottles of wine to enjoy, but our own efforts of making homemade wine have proven to be successful enough to keep going.

If you want to enjoy a hobby that lets you do some experimenting, wine making can be just right for you. If you aren’t into a detailed hobby, then let the professionals take care of those details and just enjoy the benefits of their efforts.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    How cool! I never even thought about making wine myself, but this is intriguing. Thanks for sharing your tips about homemade wine!

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