Cool Wines for Hot Days

As summer is approaching, we are thinking about those hot days and evenings ahead. Traditionally, white wines become much more popular during summer. But, rest assured that’s not required. Just as we tend to eat lighter foods during the hot weather, we need to look to lighter wines also.

Cool Red Wines

There are plenty of lighter red wines that can work nicely to compliment the lighter foods of summer. Whites, of course, go great with salads and seafoods, but they also work well with things that go on the barbeque grill. Chicken is a choice many people barbeque and white wines along with lighter red wines go great with chicken.

Merlot is a nice, lighter-bodied red that works nicely in summer and goes well with summer foods. Pinot Noir is another great choice for summer time wine. Both of these wines are available as young wines that are meant to be consumed without further aging. The young wines tend to be lighter in body. Also, lighter-bodied wines benefit from a chilling. So you can serve your wines at a temperature of around 50 degrees, which makes them perfect for the hot days of summer.

And don’t forget about ros├ęs. These wines are typically pink in color and do very well chilled and served cool, like you would a white wine.

Cool White Wines for Hot Days

Another popular summer drink is to mix a white wine with fruit. Try adding slices of peaches into a Chenin Blanc or apple slices into a Pinot Grigio. A little bit of warning here. When adding fruit to wine, you will change the flavor. For some wines, that will bring out more flavor, while for others it will diminish current flavors. Before serving these to guests, you may want to try the selections out yourself. Different wine makers will produce different flavor effects in their wines. Even if they are the same grape variety. So a little testing just to be sure can help.

Enjoy Your Summer Wines

Anyway you want to serve and enjoy your wine works. The real key here is to enjoy it. Wine drinking is all about enhancing the flavor of food and liking what you taste. So go ahead and enjoy yourself while appreciating the cool wine flavors for those hot summer days.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Pinot Grigio with apples is awesome! I also like some of the roses’ but have a harder time finding a red wine I like. Guess I’ll try some of your suggestions though!

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