Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses

Lolita-Christmas-Wine-GlassThe holidays are definitely a time to celebrate. Using one of my Lolita Christmas wine glasses certainly makes the celebration more fun. I also give these charming wine glasses as gifts so it was time to find the perfect wine glasses for several on my gift list. Here are my choices for my friends and family, along with several that I want to add to my own collection.

Lolita Christmas Wine Glasses

I don’t know if it’s possible to have enough Lolita wine glasses in my collection. Especially those for Christmas time. Luckily, the Santa Barbara Design company keeps bringing out new ones each year.

The Real Lolita

Yes, there really is a real woman behind the Lolita name. Well, Lolita isn’t her real name, but there is a woman who started the whole Lolita business and still continues to design the wine glasses produced by the Santa Barbara Design company.

All unique, charming and interesting designs, the Lolita wine glasses are each hand painted, with hand applied extras. OK, so they have to be hand washed rather than dumping them in the dishwasher, but that’s a small price to pay for the enjoyment of these delightful designs.

Lolita Wine Glasses and the Holidays

Since the original fun creations, Lolita has branched out to the holidays. Creations are made for nearly all the big holidays including one of my favorites, Halloween.

Each wine glass has a recipe for an appropriate drink painted on the bottom of the wine glasses. I have gotten some fun new drinks from these.

But don’t feel limited to only wine to drink from these marvelous glasses. They are delightful with juice, soda, even water.

Lolita Collectible Wine Glasses

The reality is that Lolita glasses took the world by storm. Collectors abound, including me. Yes, I do love wine and that’s what I drink from my glasses, but I’ve also enjoyed the fun of collecting. For the holidays, I’m excited to add more Lolita Christmas wine glasses to my collection.

My daughter joined me in this collection. Now, I add a new Lolita glass to her group for every gift-giving occasion, including Christmas. Her collection is growing faster than mine. And it all started with just that first one.

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