Put Those Wine Bottle Corks to Use

As you start drinking and enjoying wine, you will find yourself with corks from wine bottles. You don’t need to throw them away. We have several uses for them. When you have natural corks, not the synthetic versions, you have an organic item. So you can use them in some fun ways.

If you like to tend house plants, corks are ideal for you. Cork has natural aerating properties. This is great for your house plants, especially the difficult ones like orchids. The natural soft substance of cork makes your potting soil lighter and fluffier which means roots have plenty of room spread out and grow healthier plants. Cork does not retain water, so you help prevent root rot.

Wash you wine corks well to remove any traces of the alcohol from the cork. Then break up the corks into small chunks. This you will add to the potting soil before you repot a plant. Don’t try to mix the cork pieces into currently potted plants. You’ll break up the roots. The addition of cork also works for tender outdoor plants, again before you plant them.

Don’t want to break up your corks? You don’t have to. We found these coasters all ready for you to add your whole corks. You can arrange you corks in anyway you like and create different effects. Then you have a great addition to your home. Just click on this picture to get your set of 4 wine cork holder coasters.


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