Red Wine, Red Meat? Not Necessarily

We get asked often, if I’m serving red meat do I have to serve red wine. The answer is not necessarily. There is a reason why you might want to, but if you prefer white wine then enjoy it with red meat.

Red meat is a heavy, flavorful food. Tradition says that a red wine also heavy and flavorful enhances the food and vice versa. This is true. Those who enjoy both red and white wine will attest to that. The flavors of both the meat and the wine is heightened when they are shared together.

But, remember enjoying wine is all about that. Enjoying. If you don’t enjoy red wine, you won’t find any flavors enhanced. White wine will enhance red meat, not nearly as much as red wine, but will still add to the taste of the meat. The reverse is also true. You will enjoy the flavor of your white wine when you have it with food. And that includes red meat.

If you are entertaining guests, though, we do recommend that you have red wine available to serve with your red meat meal. Unless, of course, you know for sure they don’t enjoy red wine. As host or hostess, you want to provide adequately for your guests. You prepare and serve the meal, so add appropriate wine for your guests to enjoy.

Modern thought about wine says that you do not need to stick with the old conventions, but understand, the old conventions came about for good reason. So if you can enjoy red wine, definitely enjoy it with red meat. You will see a flavor enhancement.

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