Summer Wine Parties – Picnics

Don’t we all enjoy picnics during the summer? Well, remember to add summer wines to your menu. Wines go so well with the fun foods we typically enjoy on picnics. We consider picnics to be very relaxed events, fun for all. So imagine sitting comfortably under a shady tree, snacking on your favorite picnic foods and enjoying a glass of wine.

Even if you are eating simple sandwiches on your picnic, wine will certainly enhance the flavor of your food. That is what makes wine special.

You can always use plastic wine glasses, but for good wines, take along true wine glasses so that you can really appreciate the good wine. This will help in your enjoyment of the wine and the food together.

A fun picnic idea is to pack along fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and sausage rolls, and a large loaf of fresh French bread. This kind of picnic menu allows you eat in a relaxed manner. You aren’t required to serve a full meal, but all can enjoy the picnic. Chilled white wine goes well with this kind of meal, but cool red wines can work marvelously as well. What you want to make sure is that you and your guests all get to drink the kind of wine they like.

So feel free to have a great summer wine party as a picnic. Everyone will enjoy themselves, including you.

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