Tasting Wine the Right Way

Wine-Tasting-the-Right-WayThe process of tasting wine is all about enjoyment. If you think the best way to enjoy wine is to take a gulp and swallow it quickly, you are missing most of the taste. There is a lot more to enjoying the taste of wine and here we will go through the process and why.

First, use a good wine glass. A stemmed glass allows you to hold it below the bowl. That is important because you want to see the wine in your glass without your hand in the way.

Look at the wine. See it in your glass for the depth of the color. A young wine will have a deeper, clearer color, while an aged wine will have a muted and even a bit of a cloudy color. Red wines are considered brilliant, while white wines are referred to as bright.

Swirl the wine in your glass. This aerates the wine opening up more of the flavor. Young red wines should be swirled vigorously, while aged reds and whites should be swirled gently.

Next, stick your nose at the rim of the glass and breathe in deeply. The actual taste of wine has more to do with the smell. Your nose has many more flavor receptors than you mouth. So you olfactory sense plays an important part in the taste you perceive.

Then take in about a half a mouthful into your mouth. Allow it to sit on your tongue, for a second or two. What flavors are you picking up? Gently move the wine around in your mouth. This helps fill your nasal cavities with more of the flavor. Do you notice different flavors?

Finally, swallow. Now what flavors do you find? That is called the aftertaste of the wine. Aftertaste should linger for another few seconds in your mouth.

As you taste more wines, and different types of wines, you will begin to pick the ones that you enjoy the most. And that is what wine tasting is all about. Finding the wines that you enjoy.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I definitely learned something new today. I wasn’t tasting wine the right way — though I loved it anyway. Can’t wait to try out the technique!

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