Wine and Chocolate: Delicious Combinations

wine and chocolateWe know that wine and food just go together. Each enhances the flavors of the other. But, did you know that wine and chocolate also go together? A nice treat for those of us who love wine and love chocolate.

Rich Flavors Together in Wine and Chocolate

The rich dark chocolates are the best. Besides the fact that they are shown to give you anti-oxidants, they also taste awesome. Can you imagine that they could taste better? They can. Nibble on your favorite dark chocolate while sipping a glass of wine. You will see for yourself how even more amazing the flavor is.

Traditionally, red wines were thought to be the best with chocolate, but I can tell you white wines work just as well. The drier white wines, like Chardonnay, work well. The lighter fruitier whites can also bring out the flavor of the chocolate and vice versa. So don’t be afraid to try out various wine varieties with your favorite chocolates.

Chocolates With Wine Included

A popular trend has come about. That of infusing wine into rich dark chocolates. At this point, those are mainly red wines, but I’m hopeful we will see the candy makers recognize the value of white wines, too. A word of caution here: these wine chocolates have real wine in them, so keep them away from minors, please.

Wine and Chocolate Gifts

For yourself, enjoy some chocolate and wine together. And remember to think of chocolates for gifts for wine lovers, too. Think, too, about giving the gift of wine and chocolates together. Just about any wine-loving friend or relative will appreciate a gift like that. Using some of these special wine and chocolate gifts can help make a more elaborate gift.

For Valentine’s Day, chocolate is considered to be a traditional gift. If your sweetheart also likes wine, try a gift of wine and chocolate together. These also make amazing host or hostess gifts. You can’t go wrong with wine and chocolate.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Two of my favorites fused together — wine and chocolate. I have sample dark chocolate while drinking wine and can attest to the yummy-ness. I have yet to try the wine chocolates but am ready!

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