Charming Wine Glass Charms

Wine-Glass-CharmsA great way to keep wine glasses sorted when you have guests over is to use a set of these wine glass charms. Each person has their own design or color so that know exactly which glass is theirs.

Solving the Glass Mix-Up Problem

One of my problems is that I tend to set my glass down somewhere. Then I can’t determine which is mine when there are multiple people around. Wine glass charms solved that problem for me.

They solved more than just for me as well. Before wine glass charms, when I had guests over I was washing glasses throughout most of the evening. We wanted to keep things healthy and not have people drinking from each other’s glass. So I went around and rounded up the orphan glasses to wash them. I’m not sure how much wine was wasted, too

Charming Wine Glass Charms

My first set of charms was given to me as a hostess gift. Since then, I have purchased many more sets and given away many sets as gifts.

 Wine Icons – ‘My Glass’ Wine Glass Charms or Markers, Set of 6 Charms True Wine Glass Charms 8 Wine Glass Charms, Wine Party Theme

 The choices are amazing, so I got several sets in different themes. When I have a party with a specific theme, I can match the wine glass charms, too. The sets are inexpensive enough so that you can get plenty for all your guests.

Numerous Styles, Themes and Choices

Since these are such easy to use, why get several sets for yourself? The different themes and styles you can choose from make it fun to pick ones that work for your own party themes. They make fun gift ideas, too, from stocking stuffers to Secret Santa gifts. You can see lots more options at wine glass charms, including some silly ones. Check out the mustaches and lips, too. Not to mention some fun ones just for weddings.


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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I love wine glass charms! They are a wonderful and simple idea for keeping track of whose is whose. I usually buy some for the holidays and stick them in gift baskets or stocking for those on my list that drink wine!

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