Wine Glasses

If you plan to enjoy wine, the right glass is helpful. Yes, you can drink and serve wine in basic table glasses and many people do. But, drinking and serving wine in the right glass does make a difference. There are three basics that I want you to think about getting for yourself. The first is a traditional red wine glass. It has a wider bowl to allow you plenty of room to swirl the wine and aerate it. The second is a traditional white wine glass. It is also considered the typical restaurant serving glass. The bowl is thinner but usually taller. Since white wine does not need to be swirled, you don’t need the wider bowl. The third glass is the champagne flute. If you plan to enjoy sparkling wines, you want that tall thin glass to keep the bubbles from escaping too rapidly. The loss of the bubbles in sparkling wine begins to effect the taste.

Here are some choices for getting those special wine glasses. Click on the picture to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more wine glass choices.

And check out our fanciful wine glasses and wine glass charms, too.


Basic Red by Libbey Basic White by Libbey Basic Flute by Libbey
Libbey Party Collection Pinot Noir Goblet Large White Wine Glasses
Riedel Mixed Set Riedel Red Wine Glasses Riedel White Wine Glasses
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