Wine Glass Charms

The problem of who’s glass is who’s is solved. Wine glass charms give you a way to tell which glass is yours, your friend’s, your spouse’s, even your father’s. Now that is convenience. If you don’t drink your wine alone, and who would want to anyway, you need at least one set of wine glass charms. These handy little devices are designed to hook on to the stem of your wine glass. Besides being functional, they make darling eye candy. Why not add bling to your wine glass? That’s my motto anyway. Typically they are sets of 6 or 12 so you have plenty to separate wine glasses. Here are some of my favorites to help you pick. Just click on any one to see more about them, purchase a set or two, or browse more wine glass charms.


Wine Connoisseur Charms Land & Sea Charms Swirly Glass Balls
Wine & Cheese Charms Stylish Stems Charms Nautical Charms
Perched Birds Charms Gourmet Collection Colored Wine Glasses
Wine Icons Charms Sunburst Charms Music Theme Charms
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