Wine Coolers & Bottle Chillers

Enjoying white wine usually means you want it chilled. That works great for your refrigerator, but what about when you want to have more wines chilled and staying chilled. You need to consider a cooler just for your wines. For some, the temperature differences between that which is needed for your other foods doesn’t work as well for wines. A separate cooler, like a mini-refrigerator can be your answer. Likewise, when you are serving chilled wine at a table, you want it to stay chilled without running back and forth to the frig. That’s where single bottle chillers come in. They can look elegant sitting on your dining table. Here are some of our choices for wine coolers and chillers. Just click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more wine coolers and bottle chillers.

21-Bottle Dual-Zone Vacu-Vin-Rapid-Chiller 32-Bottle Dual-Zone
Electric Chiller 28-Bottle Single-Zone Marble Bottle Chiller
18-Bottle Touchscreen Prestige Stainless 12-Bottle Single Zone
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