Wine Tasting Parties: Classic Invitations

Wine-Tasting-Party-InvitatiWine tasting parties are a fun excuse for a get together with friends. But, they are also informative for wine drinkers. Start with one of these classic invitations to get your own wine tasting party planning off to the right start.

Wine Tasting Party Invitations

Setting the tone for your wine tasting party starts with the invitations. Invitations are not only informative for your guests, but also helpful in your own party planning. These are some that set a classic mood, showing your guests that this will be an enjoyable event, but one where they will get a chance to really taste some good wines.


Learning About Wine Tasting

If this is a first wine tasting party for you or some of your guests, make sure that you understand how to taste wines. There are plenty of varieties of wines that you can choose from to serve at your party, so you will all need to know how to tell the differences and how to taste each of them to get the best advantage. As host, you will be the one they look to for proper tasting. Make sure you know what you’re doing by checking out Tasting Wine the Right Way.

Customize Your Invitations

With these wine tasting party invitations, you can easily add in all your party details. You do it just the once with fill-the-blanks. Then order your custom invitations and start the party planning. With invitations like these from, you order only the number you need. That means no extras to deal with.

Looking at the various elements of the invitation design can help you plan things like decorations, menu options, even whether you chose to go with only one variety of wine.

Use Charms for Easy Wine Glass Identification

Whenever you have a party involving wine glasses, using charms that attach to the stem of the glass will help identify each person’s glass. That will save you lots of extra glass washing and prevent sharing of germs among your guests as they accidentally pick up the wrong one.

With a wine tasting party, that will be important. You will all have plenty of glasses sitting around. You want to be able to identify each person’s glass. So use wine glass charms for each guest.

Hosting Your Wine Tasting Party

When you decide to host a wine tasting party, you will have a few decisions to make first off. Do you want a meal, appetizers or a dessert party? Will it be buffet or sit-down? Do you want to focus on a particular vineyard’s wines? Do you want to focus on a particular variety of wines like whites only, or reds only?

These kinds of decisions are the ones that will help make your wine tasting party more fun for both you and your guests. Be sure to add this kind of information to your invitations so the guests know what to expect. With these invitations, it’s easy to customize them for the party type. So have some fun with your own wine tasting party.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I agree that guests need to know the details! For a wine tasting party, I usually serve appetizers because I want the focus to be on the wine! Great suggestions and I agree that Zazzle is the place for any party invitations!

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